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Today, the technical park of the enterprise has a number of pieces of equipment that meet international quality standards. These are high-precision figured cutting of sheet metal, bending of sheet metal, unique opportunities for rolling metal rolling and its welding, sandblasting the surface of finished products, powder or polymer coating of metal products and other types of services.
The specialists of NBM LLC are always ready to consider applications for the manufacture of non-standard metal structures according to sketches and drawings of the Customer. The volume of processed metal is up to 100 tons per month. The equipment available at the enterprise, areas and highly qualified personnel allow NBM LLC to manufacture high-quality products, guarantee a long service life of its structures, and complete the production process.

Range of services in the field of metal processing

Cut sheet metal

On a gantry CNC plasma cutting machine (carbon steel up to 80 mm thick, alloy steel up to 16 mm, cutting table dimensions 2500x12000 mm).

Sheet metal bending

On a CNC press brake (all types of steel, up to 8 mm thick). High accuracy regardless of the complexity of the profile and the radius of processing.

Rolling metal

Diverse park of equipment for rolling sheet material (thickness from 0.5 mm to 20 mm inclusive).

Welding works

Including: argon-arc welding, semi-automatic welding of longitudinal seams of pipe products.

Powder coated

Modern automated line. Powder paints do not fade, are resistant to temperature extremes and are more mechanically stable.

Polymer coating

The abrasion-resistant spray coating, also called polyurea, gives the pipes high mechanical and chemical resistance.

Anti-wear polyurethane and polymers

The main advantage is high resistance to abrasive changes: in full accordance with the saying "water wears away the stone drop by drop," the transported grain also destroys pipe walls over time, which leads to losses of raw materials, sometimes quite significant. Areas of folds and ramifications are especially vulnerable to such destruction - just as in the human body, joints are more fragile and difficult to restore elements than the bones themselves. To increase the abrasion resistance, a polyurethane or polymer coating is used. The technology of hot application of two-component abrasion-resistant polyurethane mastered by the company's specialists allows at least doubling the service life of the elements of gravity-fed equipment (Shore hardness - 85). The coating has a Russian expert opinion in accordance with the Unified Sanitary-Epidemiological and Hygienic Requirements. The coating is carried out by high pressure spraying using American equipment. Why is sprayed polyurethane better than other technologies? It does not contain organic solvents, plasticizers and catalysts, is characterized by the absence of seams, high wear resistance, resistance to weathering; applicable in highly abrasive aspiration structures such as dust, sand, etc .; its operating temperature is from –40 to 150ºC.