Storage silo


Storage silo


Силос для хранения зерна, муки, сахара, цемента

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    Unlike conventional storage facilities, silos for storing bulk materials allow you to save most of the area in production. This container is located vertically, and the impressive storage capacity allows you to save a large amount of necessary raw materials. In addition to all this, unlike a warehouse, this cylindrical container is better protected from the influence of any external factors, including rain and snow.


    Silo production

    The NBM company has a rich experience and a positive reputation, is engaged in the production of metal silos for the storage of grain, flour, sand and cement. For the production of this container, only high-quality and reliable steel is used, and each element of the silo is treated with an anti-corrosion compound. Such vertical storage facilities are durable and can be used in any climatic conditions. The cement storage silo is made of high-tensile-strength steel with a thickness of 4-6 mm.

    Our company manufactures only high-quality and reliable structures protecting the stored raw materials from any external factors. The silo is a fully welded structure, which allows you to quickly install this container in the required place. Each container for cement storage is treated with primer and enamel to prevent premature corrosion. The NBM company is engaged in the production of vertical cylindrical containers, both from ferrous and stainless metals. The type of metal used in the production of silage depends on the type of raw material stored.

    The scope of use of vertical silos is very diverse, so we produce:

    • flour storage silos;
    • sugar storage silos;
    • grain storage silos;
    • cement storage silos;
    • silos for storing any kind of bulk materials.

    Vertical warehouses (silos) have a loading pipe diameter of 2.4 and 3 meters. In addition, we produce silos according to the individual project of the customer, and in a certain area the silos can be either free-standing, or have a radial or row arrangement. We produce collapsible structures with a capacity of more than 40 tons.


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