Cyclone dust collecting units


Cyclone dust collecting units


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    Cyclone dust-collecting units are a special kind of dust collection equipment that is used in many industrial areas. The dust-collecting unit is equipped with a cyclone, special industrial-type air cleaner, which can also be found in some models of vacuum cleaners. Either centrifugal force or gravitational cleaning principle is used when cleaning gases or liquids from suspended particles.

    The simplest cyclone dust-collecting units work according to the following principle:

    • A stream of dusty gas enters the device due to the presence of a special pipe located at the top of the device.
    • A rotating flow of dusty gas is formed inside the device, directed to the bottom of the dust-collecting unit.
    • The action of the centrifugal force pushes the dust particles out of the general flow, as a result of which they settle on the walls of the device.
    • The dust particles deposited on the walls are captured by another air stream, which is formed in a special hopper for collecting dust.
    • The clean air flow, cleared of any suspended particles, reaches the final lower point of the device and begins to move upwards.
    • The clean air is discharged from the dust-collecting unit through the coaxial exhaust pipe.

    We produce various models of cyclone dust-collecting units. We can produce various alterations of the device that differ from each other not only in design options, but also in power and throughput according to the drawings and requirements provided by the customer. To calculate your order, please contact our managers.

    Cyclone dust collecting units are widely used in the following areas:

    • in drying, agglomeration, roasting, and fuel combustion enterprises;
    • in crushing and grinding shops;
    • in woodworking enterprises;
    • in cereals and flour mills;
    • at metallurgical plants.

    The specialists of the NBM company can produce a suitable cyclone dust-collecting unit, according to the presented drawings, which will work smoothly for a long period and cope with the assigned tasks.

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