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    The production of a chimney is a complex technological process, because this device must ensure the rapid movement of the mass of air with particles of combustion products to the outlet. The output of this mass is due to the stack effect present inside the chimney, which allows the to move gas mass in the right direction. The NBM company produces metal chimneys. All products comply with modern norms and standards.

    The NBM company produces chimneys according to the individual project of the client. Only proven, highly reliable and durable materials are used in the manufacture of this structure. Each element of the chimney is welded and passes strict quality control. The final stage of the work is marking. This allows you to facilitate and speed up the process of installation and assembly of the structure directly at the site of its installation.

    Metal is subject to rapid corrosion, so in our production, special proven and reliable paint coatings are applied when making metal chimneys.


    Production of chimneys for boiler rooms

    The production of chimneys for boiler houses is a complex and responsible work, so it is better to entrust this type of work to specialists who know their trade. If poor-quality and unreliable materials were used in the manufacture of chimneys for boiler rooms, welding work was negligently performed, or some structural elements were selected incorrectly, then the system for removing gas and various mixtures will not function properly. This can lead to disastrous consequences. Contacting NBM is the key to success and reliability!

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