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About the enterprise

"Novgorod Bielefeld Metal"

Novgorod Bielefeld Metal LLC was established in 2006 with the participation of the German NORO Gesellschaft fuer Rohrsysteme GmbH and the Russian CJSC Delovoi Partner. The main idea behind the creation of NBM LLC was to organize the production of metal structures at a high technical level with the introduction of modern equipment and an integrated approach in the field of metalworking.

Equipment production in 3 main areas:

48% Elements of gravity transport systems
27% Elements of aspiration systems
25% Non-standard steel structures

Elements of gravity transport systems

Grain trucks are the cheapest and easiest way to ensure fast transportation of bulk cargo from top to bottom. This allows this system to be used in various industrial sectors. The gravity system from the NBM company is an analogue of the German Jacob system and, with its high quality and reliability, has a low cost. The more efficient the transportation system, the more production volumes are available to the elevator or processing facility and the lower the cost per ton.

Elements of aspiration systems

You can buy an aspiration system that will allow you to get rid of dust in the room as much as possible at the NBM company. Among the wide range of services provided, the company provides reliable equipment for the aspiration system, as well as ready-made aspiration and pneumatic transport systems. It is possible to manufacture non-standard parts according to your drawings. By purchasing this type of product in Novgorod Bielefeld Metal, you get a guarantee for this type of product, as well as high-quality and reliable systems and elements at affordable prices.

Non-standard steel structures

The production of any product starts with an idea. The harmonious combination of the broad capabilities of NBM LLC with the production needs of industrial enterprises ensures fruitful cooperation in the manufacture of individual metal structures according to the customer's drawings. Thanks to a well-established production process, we create non-standard metal structures that are distinguished by their strength, durability, reliability and safety. Contact us to clarify information and order our products.

Import substitution of gravity transport and aspiration systems

Our equipment is similar to that of Jacob. Jacob (Jacob Systems, Jacob Systems)
production is completely identical and meets all reliability indicators.