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Everything ingenious is simple. But not everyone can achieve simplicity.

NBM offers solutions that have proven their effectiveness, reliability and aesthetics over the years. Gravity systems, industrial aspiration, custom-made metal products - everything at the plant is made according to German quality standards, using high-quality materials and innovative processing technologies.

The days of rusty metal boxes and angular pipes are in the past: in the 21st century, we want to see beautiful production buildings and storage facilities. And when it comes to gravity conveying and aspiration, beauty is directly related to quality.

Gravity grain conveying systems - the solution is elegant and, moreover, obvious: the harvested crop moves under the influence of gravity, without unnecessary energy consumption and human effort. Aspiration systems are the" orderlies "of the enterprise: they rid the production complex of excess dust and harmful substances, improving product quality and equipment life. Only when the aspiration goes smoothly, imperceptibly, without interruptions, it turns out to be effective.

To bring such technologies to life, you need exceptional accuracy of calculations and the highest quality of metal, welding, and connecting elements. We need experience, a creative approach and competent specialists - all this is at the Novgorod Bielefeld Metal plant.

NBM is a Russian company that guarantees the highest quality of the described technologies. By localizing the production of parts and components, we keep prices below foreign counterparts. Import substitution at the plant is not a big word, not a tribute to fashion, not a sky-high dream, but a reality.

Technologies of Novgorod Bielefeld Metal have already found application in dozens of industries:

"NBM" - art in metal.

Solving problems

Even before the government announced the import substitution policy,
the Novgorod Bielefeld Metal plant took care of replacing foreign elements with Russian ones in its production cycles.

Services in the field of metal processing

The specialists of NBM LLC are always ready to consider applications for the manufacture of non-standard metal structures according to the customer's sketches and drawings.
The volume of processed metal is up to 100 tons per month

Cut sheet metal

On a gantry CNC plasma cutting machine (carbon steel up to 80 mm thick, alloy steel up to 16 mm, cutting table dimensions 2500x12000 mm).

Sheet metal bending

On a CNC press brake (all types of steel, up to 8 mm thick). High accuracy regardless of the complexity of the profile and the radius of processing.

Rolling metal

Diverse park of equipment for rolling sheet material (thickness from 0.5 mm to 20 mm inclusive).

Welding works

Including: argon-arc welding, semi-automatic welding of longitudinal seams of pipe products.

Powder coated

Modern automated line. Powder paints do not fade, are resistant to temperature extremes and are more mechanically stable.

Polymer coating

The abrasion-resistant spray coating, also called polyurea, gives the pipes high mechanical and chemical resistance.
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